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First and foremost, a very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! We hope your year has been as good to you as it has been for us. In the blink of an eye, the end of 2019 is fast approaching. After a long year of hard work, what better way to close out the year than with a festive cheer. It is a day for fun, love and happiness with your friends and family. For us at Extra Space Asia, what family means to us, are you – our beloved customers! Whilst it is indeed a time of joy, it is also a time to reflect upon the year and be thankful for all things good.

As we look back upon our year, we realize that at times we may have taken certain things for granted when in actual fact, we have so much to be thankful for. It’s important to pause and take stock of our lives every once in a while. We’ve put together a list of what we should be grateful for lest we forget.

Friends and Family

When the going gets tough, it’s our closest friends and family who will always be at our sides, in good times and bad times. We should always be thankful and grateful for their constant care and support, as there’s no better support system than friends and family. Granted, we may not always agree and see eye-to-eye on everything, but at the end of the day, we will always love and support one another.


More often than not, we are so caught up with work and our daily lives, that we neglect our health. It’s only when we fall sick that we start to notice how much our health has deteriorated while we were busy working and what not. Always remember to get plenty of sleep, work out when possible and eat healthy! Your body will thank you in the later years to come.


Whilst many are more than happy to point and blame the Internet as the root for many of our social issues today, we should be grateful for its existence. The Internet is an amazing tool as you can find incredible resources online. You can everything you need to know on the Internet, from cooking recipes, to how-to dummies when it comes to building just about anything. It truly has helped us be a smarter and more knowledgeable generation.


Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes them. Often in life, things don’t go according to plan. We are strong subscribers to Murphy’s Law anyway, which states that “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” We should not beat ourselves up when we lose our footing and stumble. It is only then we are able to pick ourselves up and come out stronger than before.


For us at Extra Space, it is you, our customers that we are truly grateful for. Without you guys, we will not be who we are today. With that being said, we have a little something for you guys to show how much we appreciate y’all! This Christmas, we’re giving away 300 vouchers! Here’s how you can stand a chance to win:

  • If you’re already an existing customer, you automatically qualify! No further action needed from your end. Fingers crossed you may just be the lucky one!
  • For non-members, sign up at any of our storage facilities by 31st December and you’ll be in the running to win a voucher for yourself as well!

All in all, make sure you have a good time and enjoy yourself thoroughly this year end! Let’s close out the year with a bang!

Most people think storage warehouse is the same as self-storage – they are not! These two are actually very different. Warehousing is usually catered for industrial and commercial purposes, while self-storage serves personal and small business needs.

But who’s to stop you from choosing one over the other? There are no fixed rules for storage choices. It depends on your requirements among a few other factors. Here’s an overarching comparison of these two options. We hope it’ll give you more insight to make the right decision.



Warehouses are typically found in industrial areas, as their primary customers are manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters alike. Not the most ideal place if you don’t fall under this customer category. Industrial areas are also a little too ‘ulu’ and out of the way, don’t you think so?


For personal use, self-storage facilities are a better choice as they are strategically located across town for easy access. Extra Space Asia gives you the luxury of multiple locations across the country. Simply find a facility nearest to you here!

Storage Features


When you read the term ‘warehouse’ the first thing that comes to mind is big old buildings, forklifts and so on. Right? You’re not wrong. Not only are warehouses larger in general, but the ceilings are also much higher to accommodate industrial goods. If you don’t have much to store, save that space and opt for something more suitable.


Here at Extra Space Asia, you can choose from a variety of storage space sizes. State-of-the-art CCTV work to monitor the facility round the clock and customers can only enter their storage unit with their unique access PIN. Add your own personal lock on top of all that, and you’ll enjoy full peace of mind knowing that your belongings are kept in a safe place. Privacy is also a priority here. This is why Extra Space Asia has zero access to your storage unit – 100% privacy guaranteed!

What’s more, you’ll have the freedom to visit your storage unit any day, any time at your convenience. No more rushing to beat the closing hours anymore.

Pros and Cons

Still unsure? Let our pros and cons table help you out.


Warehouse Self-Storage
Pros Large facilities, high ceilings


May come with fulfilling, handling and transportation options




Variety of sizes, catered to your needs (choose to upsize or downsize any time)

High-end security, round-the-clock CCTV monitoring

Various strategic locations (multiple outlets)

Ease of access (enter at any time of the day)

Privacy guaranteed

On-site assistance from our team of dedicated Customer Service consultants

Cons Limited access


No flexibility (leases are generally year-long)

Responsible for own packing, loading, and transporting

Facility size may be limiting, as the ceilings are not high


So warehouse? Or self-storage? We think it all boils down to what you need. Like all decisions, each choice has its advantages. Which perk benefits you more? Visit Extra Space Asia today and let’s explore more possibilities together!

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Prizes to be won

  • 1x ‘Home Theatre System’ worth RM899
  • 1x ‘1 Month Free Storage Rental’
  • 1x ‘RM50 Off Storage Rental’
  • 10x ‘Disc Padlock’

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