How are y’all holding up? With the Movement Control Order implemented by the government, most of us are confined to our own homes. We know it ain’t easy, but hang in there. It’s for the greater good! This is also the best time to do what we’ve always been putting off – spring cleaning! Spring cleaning may seem tedious and at times overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be so! We’ve put together some tips that will aid in your spring-cleaning journey.


Prepping the right tools

First things first, having the right tools at your disposal before embarking on your spring-cleaning task will smoothen and hasten the process. As the saying goes, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” Get yourself a heavy-duty sponge, durable trash bags (as the last thing you want is your trash bag to break down on you after throwing your rubbish in), rags, buckets, gloves, broom or vacuum, and the list goes on and on. Once you have procured this equipment, you are now prepared for war! But wait, lest we forget the most important tool of all! A family member or friend for mental support. Decluttering and throwing out preloved stuff may not be easy, and having someone there will definitely work wonders for your willpower.


Ensuring everything has its own place

As the proverbial saying goes, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” More often than not, we find ourselves too lazy to return something we use back to its original place. We may think that “I’ll do it later”, but deep down we all know “later” will never come. The vacuum cleaner that you used to clean out your car last week is still by the front door, until the next need for it arises. By ensuring a home for everything in your home, it helps you to be more organized in life! Moreover, by doing so, you’ll then be able to identify those items that you have no place for – thus helping in your decluttering process!


Bid adieu to duplicates

We’re all guilty of overindulging at times and buying in excess of what we need. There’s no need to feel bad about it, it happens to the best of us. Moving forward, it would be best to practice owning at most two of the same items, with one as back up. This will help free up tons of space you never knew you have! Bid farewell to the 5 combs you have but only ever use one, the tons of phone cables lying around, and so on. If there’s no home for it, it has to go.


Breaking up with your unloved items

As Marie Kondo aptly puts it, if it does not spark joy, toss it. Humans are emotional creatures. We tend to hold on to things that are of sentimental value, even if they are not practical. However, we have to be disciplined in this matter and only keep those that truly do spark joy and are useful to us. Harsh, but such is the cruel nature of the world. If it’s too hard to immediately toss it out, try putting these items into a box and leave them aside for a couple of months. After that, if you find yourself not digging through the box, it truly is time for it to go.


Using self-storage to store

Often, we find our homes lacking space to store stuff that are of larger nature or are simply items that we do not use often. If this happens, fret not! There’re always self-storage providers that you can turn to, namely us at Extra Space Asia! We offer flexible terms and have a large variety of sizes to cater to your every need! Not to worry, if you have any questions, our friendly staff who is at hand to answer your every query is just a call away! Store your belongings with us and you’ll never have to worry about security, they’re in good hands. This should free up space at home and who knows, you may now be able to fit your dream pool table in your own home!


Tedious as it may be, spring cleaning actually has many benefits! Various studies have been conducted and spring cleaning has been proven to improve the quality of our lives. Procrastinate not, and make a change today! In the meantime, stay safe and practice good hygiene. Better days are sure to come. Till then.


With the recent Circuit Breaker implemented by the government, many of us are confined to staying in our homes. There’s no better time than this to do what you’ve always been putting off, reorganizing your kitchen. The kitchen is an essential part of your homes, it’s where the magic happens. Whilst not all of us can be the next Jamie Oliver, we do try. It’s crucial to ensure that this space is well-organized and neat as cooking can be quite hectic and chaotic at times. Here are some tips and tricks to bring out the inner gourmet chef in you!


Marie Kondo your Kitchen

The first step is to rid and purge yourself of all unnecessary items and utensils that you do not need. Many a time, we succumb to our impulse and get suckered into purchasing a gadget or device that ultimately is not necessary in our daily cooking lives. Do you really need that ice-cream maker? What about the pasta-maker you bought on a whim? Ask yourself if this is what you use in your daily cooking life. Box up what you do not need and store it safely somewhere else in your home. In the event you do not have enough space, you can always reach out to us at Extra Space Asia to store your unneeded effects! Decluttering also have a positive effect on our mental health! Read here to know more.


Positioning is Everything

As the title says, make sure all that you need is within reach! Especially items that you use the most often, these should be within eye-level and easily reachable. This will make the workflow of your cooking a smoother process, thus more enjoyable. Also, using clear containers will definitely come in handy when storing food such as cereal and rice as you’ll be able to identify and see them clearly!


Create Work Zones

If space permits, you should define the kitchen into a few different zones, so as to maximize efficiency. There should be the prep zone, the cooking zone, the clean-up zone. Each zone will have a certain set of tools or utensils that is dedicated for that zone. For example, the preparing zone will be where you have your cutting knives, chop board, and so on and so forth. This way, it would make it easier if someone were to offer to help you out in the kitchen! Stay in your zone!


Try out these few quick tips and see how it works for you! As always, keep at it and improvise where needed. What may work for us may ultimately not be the best solution for you! You do you. In the meantime, stay safe out there and practice good hygiene. Till then.