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Personal Storage

The Ultimate Guide to Storing Mountain Bicycles at Extra Space Asia Storage Facility

Are you an avid mountain biker searching for a secure and convenient place to store your mountain bikes Look no further than Extra Space Asia Self Storage! Our storage facilities offer the perfect solution for keeping your mountain bikes safe, protected, and easily accessible Here’s why storing...
June 13, 2024
Storage Tips

Common self-storage mistakes to avoid

May 15, 2024
Self-storage units can be a great way to store your personal belongings, boxes and furniture pieces during a move, renovation, or decluttering process...
Business Storage

Where can I store my business inventory in Malaysia?

April 09, 2024
Efficient inventory management is crucial for the success of businesses in today’s competitive landscape However, if you are facing space constraints, self-storage can be a game-changer Extra Space Asia Self Storage offers a secure and...
Storage Tips

3 Tips to Maximise Your Storage Units

March 28, 2024
Storage units are a good storage option if you are short on space at home or in the office However, for first-time storage users, it can be challenging to figure out what is the best approach to...
Personal Storage

Guide to Malaysia Self-Storage Solutions for Families: Maximising Space and Efficiency

March 08, 2024
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s common for families to accumulate more possessions than their homes can comfortably hold From sentimental keepsakes to seasonal decorations, managing...
Storage Tips

Master the Art of Packing Fragile Items: Essential Tips for Safe and Secure Self-Storage at Extra Space Asia

February 29, 2024
Are you preparing to store your fragile belongings Proper packing is essential to ensure your delicate items remain safe and secure during storage In this blog, experts from Extra Space Asia Self Storage will share some essential storage...

Declutter Your Space for a Prosperous Year of the Dragon with Extra Space Asia Self-Storage

February 03, 2024
As we welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon, what better way to invite prosperity than by decluttering and organising your home This Chinese New Year,...
Storage Tips

Smart Solutions for Storing Seasonal Clothing in Malaysia

January 22, 2024
Storing seasonal clothing can be daunting, especially when your closet is overflowing and you have limited storage space at home However, with proper organisation and the right storage solutions, you...

New Home, New Year: A Guide to Streamlined Living with Extra Space Asia

January 03, 2024
The beginning of a new year is often accompanied by a sense of enthusiasm for a fresh start What could be a better way to embrace this renewal than by decluttering your home A tidy and well-organised...
Personal Storage

3 benefits homeowners can enjoy when they utilise a self-storage unit

December 29, 2023
With the current home size, it can be tight when we store all the various personal and family items under one roof If they do not fit, it might not be wise to...

Clutter-Free Christmas: Tips for Preparing Your Home and Utilising Self-Storage

December 01, 2023
The holiday season is here, and as we prepare for Christmas, it’s the ideal time to decorate our homes, declutter, and create a warm and festive atmosphere In this blog post, we’ll share some practical tips on how to get your...
Personal Storage

3 Ways to Eliminate Clutter and Chaos at Home

November 25, 2023
The idea of eliminating clutters and chaos can be daunting as it takes up quite a lot of time and effort, especially for those living with other family members and kids Thus, one will need a lot of...
Business Storage, Personal Storage

3 Benefits of Choosing Extra Space Asia’s Air-Conditioned Storage Units

November 11, 2023
Did you know Extra Space Asia Self-Storage Malaysia offer storage units which are air-conditioned Yes, these are storage units where the temperature and environment will keep your storage unit cool...

Unlock the freedom of space on 11.11 with Extra Space Asia Self-Storage

November 01, 2023
This 1111 promotion season, you can enjoy the additional storage benefits that Extra Space Asia Self-Storage has to offer and transform your space! While 1111 is famous for getting great deals on gadgets and fashion, it can also be an...
Moving Tips

How to prepare for an upcoming home revamp and renovation project

October 12, 2023
Planning for a home revamp project to spruce up the look and refurbish some parts of the home where it is showing signs of wear and tear During this home...
Personal Storage

Common personal and family items to store in a self-storage unit

September 18, 2023
If you’re new to the idea of self-storage, it provides individuals and families with extra space to rent and keep their personal items Depending on your...
Moving Tips

3 Box Packing Tips to Try

September 09, 2023
Packing your personal and home items for the upcoming relocation project When you have multiple items to pack, using sturdy boxes and labelling them clearly is essential Here are three box-packing tips to make the process easier: Fill...

3 Ways to Eliminate Clutter and Chaos at Home

August 23, 2023
The idea of eliminating clutters and chaos can be daunting as it takes up quite a lot of time and effort, especially for those living with other family members and kids Thus, one will need a lot of motivation to start the decluttering...
Personal Storage

Luggage storage in Malaysia self-storage facility

July 06, 2023
Are you looking for a safe and reliable storage space for your luggage and other items If so, why not consider luggage storage in self-storage facilities like...
Business Storage, Personal Storage

Extra Space Asia Self Storage – Your long and short-term self-storage provider in Malaysia

June 26, 2023
At Extra Space Asia Self Storage, we understand different customers have different storage requirements and needs to consider before renting their first storage unit Why choose Extra Space Asia Self...
Business Storage

Business Storage Tip: Choosing the Right Self-Storage Facility for Your e-Commerce Business

June 05, 2023
 Are you starting or expanding your e-commerce business As you navigate the initial phase and plan for growth, it’s essential to have an effective inventory storage plan While storing...

Get your home ready before the baby arrives

May 29, 2023
Nine months might seem like a long time, especially when you are expecting a new life During this period, we understand that it can be stressful as you deal with this major transition, and part of the change is finding ways to prepare your...
Business Storage

Document Storage Solutions for Businesses in Malaysia 

May 05, 2023
If you’re a business owner in Malaysia, you’re mandated by the Inland Revenue of Malaysia (LHDN) to retain sufficient records and a book of accounts for a...
Personal Storage

Self-Storage Tips: How to store furniture in your Extra Space storage unit

April 27, 2023
Renting a self-storage unit can be a great storage solution if you are planning to relocate, renovate, or even downsize your home One common item that most people store in their storage unit is...

Preparing Your Home for Raya!

April 04, 2023
With Raya fast approaching, it’s important to start preparing your home for the festive season Here are three tips to help you get your house ready for the festivities: Declutter and Deep Clean...

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